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The Bajiya Secutity perfectly blends its professional competence, expertise and versatility with its dynamic and vibrant management and holds a place of pride and eminence in the Security Industry. Bajiya Security is one of the leading National Security and Investigation Organizations operating throughout India. Bajiya Secutity has the unmatched ability to provide Security, Investigative, Technological, Training and Consultancy and Facility services to varied clientele. Right from its inception, Bajiya Security has laid emphasis on motivation of sataff, correct recruitment, pre-employment verification, induction training, on the job education, and strict supervision. The Company imbibes the best traditions with appropriate introduction of technology and morden concepts of corporate and Industrial Security, bringing about a correct synthesis of man-machine mix for ensuring Asset Protection and Loss-Prevention.


What's different popular ?

Ability to put REAL Cometence in Asset Protection & Housekeeping
Goodwill Growth to work for our Client

The Bajiya Security Difference will come from its;

1. Partnering with clients
2. Hiring the right people
3. Training the people it hires
4. Managing client centered performance
  1. Consultation

2. Pre Employment Screening

3. Physical Security

4. Cash Hadling

5. Recruitment

6. Training

7. House Keeping Service

8. Temporary Staffing

9. Bajiya Investigations

Our Clients

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